Although the vehicle you drive is home to dozens of different systems and hundreds of unique components, none is as important as the elements that make up your braking system. From the brake lining that protects the delicate metal parts to the discs and drums that provide stopping power to the sensitive electronics that make antilock braking possible, every one of those components needs proper care to work the way it should.

At Car Stop Inc., we are your braking system experts. Our technicians have decades of combined experience, service all makes and models and know what it takes to keep Mount Bethel area drivers safe behind the wheel. From the detection of small leaks in your brake line to expert repairs to your discs and drums, we are here to solve your braking system problems.

Leak Detection

The fluid in your brake fluid reservoir plays a vital role in your safety, but it is not always easy to know that you have a leak. A small leak could go virtually undetected until the brake fluid reservoir is nearly dry, and by that time your safety could be compromised.

Be sure to check your brake fluid every time you check your other automotive fluids. If you see a reduction in the fluid level, it is time to give Car Stop Inc. a call. We will find the leak fast, fix it quickly and send you on your way in safety.

Disc and Drum Brakes

It does not matter what type of brakes your vehicle has – the brake system experts at Car Stop Inc. have experience working with all kinds of brakes, including both disc and drum brakes.

Even if you do not know what kind of brakes your vehicle has, we can provide the service you need. We will examine every part of your braking system, from the brake lines and drums to the discs and brake pads. If any component needs attention, we will let you know, and we will make the expert repairs you need to stay safe on the road.

ABS Brakes

Modern vehicles have sophisticated braking systems – they use monitors and wheel-mounted sensors to detect slippage and make split-second adjustments.

These ABS braking systems have saved many lives, but they need the right care to stay working the way they should. If your ABS light is on or something does not seem right, just bring your vehicle to Car Stop for the ABS service you need. We are ABS experts, with powerful diagnostic tools and many years of expertise repairing these sophisticated stopping systems.

Brake Lining

Do you hear a squealing noise when you stop on the brake pedal? If so, you might need new brake lining. Over time, the brake lining wears down, and when it reaches a certain point, it sets off an audible alarm to let you know.

That noise you hear coming from the wheels is your car’s way of telling you that the brake lining has reached the end of its life. When you hear that telltale sound, just give Car Stop Inc. a call to get the replacement brake lining you need to stay safe.


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