Preventative Maintenance

preventative maintenance

Car Stop Inc. of Mount Bethel is your number one destination for all your preventative maintenance needs. We understand the value of preventative maintenance, and we know it is better to avoid a breakdown than fix one.

Every one of our technicians has many years of experience, and they bring that expertise to bear with everything they do. From simple oil changes to more extensive maintenance services like coolant replacement and transmission flushes and fills, we can handle it all.

Routine Oil Changes

If you want your engine to last longer, you need to treat it right. That means following the preventative maintenance schedule, and especially the oil change schedule.

Over time, the oil running through your engine begins to break down, and it loses its ability to protect the moving parts inside. By changing the oil at the recommended intervals, you avoid this dangerous breakdown, so your engine stays lubricated, and your wallet stays protected. If it is time for your next oil change, just bring your vehicle to Car Stop Inc. We serve the entire Mount Bethel region, and we are easy to reach from anywhere in the area.

Tire Rotation

When was the last time you checked the tread on your tires? Is the tread wearing evenly, or are there unexplained bald spots and bulges? If your tires need some attention, your friends at Car Stop Inc. are here to help.

We sell new tires, but we also offer expert rotation to extend the life of the ones you already have. By rotating the tires at the recommended intervals and following the proper pattern, you can extend the tread life and squeeze more value out of your tire investment.

Maintenance for a Healthy Transmission

The engine in your oil provides vital protection, but so does the fluid inside your transmission. Your transmission needs regular maintenance to stay running its best, and your friends at Car Stop Inc. are here to help.

We provide expert flushes and fills for your transmission, removing the particulate matter that could damage the delicate moving parts inside. These flushes must be done right, and you can rely on Car Stop Inc. to provide the quality service your vehicle needs.

Coolant Changes

The coolant in your vehicle has an important job to do, and when it breaks down, your heat gauge will begin to creep up. If your vehicle is running hotter than it used to, you may need to change your coolant.

Car Stop Inc. specializes in this often neglected part of vehicular maintenance. We use the best coolant in the industry, and we check your entire system for leaks, so you can hit the road with confidence and avoid untimely breakdowns and dangerous overheating.


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