Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

The vehicle you drive contains plenty of complicated parts, and lots of sophisticated systems. Still, the brakes and the transmission are arguably two of the most critical. Without a functioning transmission, your vehicle will not go very far, and without a sound braking system, your ability to stop safely will be in doubt.

At Car Stop Inc., we specialize in brakes and transmission repairs, from the simplest preventative maintenance to the most complicated repairs. We service all makes and models, so it does not matter what you drive or where you live. If you call the Mount Bethel area home, you can rely on the automotive experts at Car Stop Inc. to keep you safe and keep your vehicle on the road.

Transmission Repair

Does your manual transmission slip when you put in the clutch? Do you hear a strange noise when you change gears? Does your automatic transmission refuse to go into overdrive? Do you notice metal flakes or other impurities when you check the transmission fluid? If so, it is time to bring your vehicle to Car Stop Inc. for a transmission check and the expert repairs you need.

From flushing and filling your transmission fluid to keep the system running like new to making extensive repairs, Car Stop Inc. is your transmission service expert. We can rebuild a failed transmission, make minor repairs to improve your performance or just check your transmission for looming problems.

The braking system and transmission are two of the most important parts of your car, and you cannot afford to let their care to chance. Whenever you need service, just give Car Stop Inc. a call or make an appointment. We serve the entire Mount Bethel area, and we are easy to reach from virtually anywhere in the region.

Brake Service

Do you notice a frightening delay between the time you step on the brake pedal and when your vehicle responds? Have you noticed an increase in your stopping distances, or a strange pull to one side when you roll up to a stop sign? Is there an unexplained puddle on your garage floor? If so, your brake system may need some attention.

Even if you only suspect a problem with your braking system, you cannot afford to wait. Your brake problem will not fix itself, and it will likely get worse over time, putting you and your passengers at risk.

Car Stop Inc. provides service for all kinds of braking systems, and our experienced technicians can work on all makes and models. From old-fashioned drum brakes to disc brakes and sophisticated ABS installations, we know what it takes to fix your brakes right the first time, so you can stop with confidence and stay safer on the road.


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